Why I’m voting for Obama

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house/that don’t bother me…

-Rascal Flatts

As if this wasn’t enough already…

image by Obama campaign, from Flickr

 Image from Flickr, uploaded by Obama's campaign.

Read the man’s speech.

Somehow I missed this one live, but thankfully Julie brought it to my attention. ❤

Here’s the mind-blowing thing: Barack Obama wrote the speech himself.


I’ve had a special feeling about Obama since I first noticed him during his convention speech years ago. He’s intelligent. He’s charismatic, and he stands for all the right things. After almost eight years of what we have now… my heart is warmed by the idea that a man of such character, such passion, such intellect.

Those who know me know that I adore Bill Clinton. But having watched Hillary run her campaign, I have to stand firmly, once again, behind Barack Obama. He represents what we NEED in this country, and he represents what this country SHOULD be.

I’m floored. So floored I spent  my blogging time listening to the speech again. Check it out. In the coming years dissertations will be written about Obama, and this speech will be one of the major points of emphasis.



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