Comcast fail. Life Fail.

Shout out to Bill O’Reilly/I’ma throw you a curve/you’re mad at me because I’m a thief/and got a way with words…


I came, I saw, I hit ’em right dead in the jaw.

So I apparently can’t use the Comcast website to pay my bill. *sigh* Luckily the phone works.

Julie has had a rough few days, but she’s such a trooper. I’m about to catch up my posts for the last few days. This one is just to offer one of these fun little modules from I played with several, but I ended up deciding to post this one because it’s just perfect. It’s my band name. I haven’t had the time to do this sort of study yet, but these little plug-n-chug modules are an essential part of digital identity. We need to pay attention to ’em. I’m also a comma, but I lost the code for that one in a “need your password” WordPress wipe. OOPS!


Your Band Name is:

The Supersized Androids
Band Name Generator

One Response to Comcast fail. Life Fail.

  1. ComcastCares1 says:

    On behalf of Comcast, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

    I will make sure this is communicated with my executive contacts. In order to address the issue, we would need more information from you. If it is okay with you, will you please send me an email with your contact information?

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity to assist!


    Mark C.
    Comcast Executive Offices

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