DMAC Day 1: Not live like Doug, but still here.

you should blast Young Jeezy with your friends in a parking lot

-Mike Doughty

So first, random reflections on the first day of DMAC:

1. My feet are SO sore (I tried a pair of orthotic inserts– bad idea)
2. Parking services at OSU is insane
3. It’s great to see all the folks here

The first day of work here was somewhat familiar; DMAC starts much in the same way that I start my own classes on digital media composing: with audio. And anyone who has some experience with Audacity knows that it’s one of the easier things to pick up and run with.

We recorded short interviews. By “we,” I mean myself, Doug (who is from my current institution) and two folks from my old institution. We then copied the recorded MP3s onto the computers and played a bit in Audacity. I’m going to finish my edits tonight.

Thus far the institute has been good. I’m going to hopefully learn to do something really cool while I’m here (I don’t want to make a blog promise and break it, since I sort of broke my main blog promise already, but if I learn what I want to learn I’ll have a cool product soon). In the meantime, I continue to marvel at the skills of the instructors here. If ever there was a walking example of “best practices,” Cindy and Scott would surely be the model.

I also received my first teaching assignment at my current school today. It’s a nice slot– 3 to 4:50 in the afternoon, in a lab. I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching.

More tomorrow. LOST is on, and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired.

Oh, Doug’s blog is here:

It includes a photo of the mug I “customized” today. Tomorrow I find a green sharpie and add “details.”




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