Phill365 v2.0: Reboot

March 15, 2008

Half of the ring lies here with me/But the other half’s at the bottom of the sea …

-Vampire Weekend

Okay, so… massive failure on my part. I figured out what went wrong: I got too structured. As much as I like games,  I set too many rules for myself. It got to the point where some entries were going to take longer than others, and I just sort of tapped out.


So, okay. No biggie. We live, we learn. We engage in a practice, we get better.Today was the due date for my first PhD annual review. In honor of this date… I start again.365 days, 365 entries. I will attempt to hit on at least tangentally scholarly points here, there and everywhere, but less structure this time. I just want to hit the blog every day for that span.I’m starting this with my laptop dead (of all the laptops I’ve ever known he… was the most… human). That could lead to some timing/posting issues.But I’m making the blog my homepage, as a reminder every time I login. WRITE! WRITE WRITE! WRITE WRITE WRITE! In honor of our dearly passing Phill365 v1.0, I provide this sexy, dangerous tag cloud of the first month and 3/4 of Phillure:  firstrun.jpg